Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jenni K Half-off Jewelry Sale!

I am extremely in love with Jenni K jewelry. When I moved to Greenville, NC years ago it seemed like all the women I met had this gorgeous, hand-crafted jewelry. I went to the store once and was hooked. The jewelry is hand-made and gorgeous and I love that Jenni is living her dream...she apparently wanted to make her own jewelry since the age of thirteen, went to East Carolina University and got a degree in Metalsmithing, and opened her own shop.

Until August 29th, the store is having it's annual 50% off sale! ROCK ON!

If you are in Eastern, NC you can visit the actual store, but otherwise you can shop online 24/7. I'm getting myself a Christmas present! Probably this, which will match my bracelet and earrings:

Nice, huh? You can really get some great deals, so don't wait!

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M said...

This? Is fabulousness. I love your pimping, erm, review website. ;) (KIDDING on the pimp statement just a little tongue in cheek for the a-wads). This jewelery? Is outrageous. May be getting ME a Christmas gift. At 50% off that's fantastic.