Sunday, August 9, 2009

Smelly Washer!

Your washer is probably one of those things you never think about cleaning, right? You put your dirty clothes in, drop in your washing powder, turn it on and forget about it. Your clothes come out clean, so everything is cool, right?

Maybe not so much.

Fortunately? Smelly Washer can help.

I received a bottle of this product recently to try and found it pretty amazing. It was so easy to use!Here is some Product information from their website:
Smelly Washer Cleaner is the only clothes washer cleaner that is all natural! It is also the only available washing machine cleaner that will remove mold odor from any towel or clothing that has picked up bad mildew smell from the washer! Formerly Purewasher, we've removed any scents or dyes to conform with all natural product standards. You can also check out their blog.

You can try this cool product yourself by buying here. Use the code: loveofgod and receive 10% off until August 31st!

Try it! My towels smell great!


M said...

oh now THIS excites me! we only use non-dye non-scented products and our stuff is DEFINITELY picking up something funky from this "new" washer (oh apartment living) to replace our old one. WOOT! I love this review!

Nen said...

i've never heard of this... sounds pretty good! might have to check it out!

AmyC said...

Ok, we just ordered some. So excited about this, as we have had a funky washer problem. Hope it works! I love the review blog. Keep em coming!