Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brothers and Sisters: The Complete Third Season

ABC’s Critically Acclaimed Drama Explores The Modern American Family

Family bonds bend, but never break, for five dissimilar siblings in Brothers & Sisters: The Complete Third Season, coming to DVD on September 1, 2009 from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. The six-disc DVD includes every episode from the third season of the acclaimed ABC television series, plus exclusive cast interviews, deleted scenes and much, much more.

Brothers & Sisters: The Complete Third Season stars two-time Oscar® winner Sally Field (Best Actress for Norma Rae, 1979 and Places of the Heart, 1984)—who won a 2007Lead Actress Emmy® for her Brothers & Sisters role as family matriarch Nora Walker—Rachel Griffiths (“Six Feet Under), Rob Lowe (“The West Wing”), Calista Flockhart (“Ally McBeal”), Balthazar Getty (“Alias”), Dave Annable (“Reunion”), Luke Macfarlane (“Over There”), Sarah Jane Morris (Seven Pounds), Matthew Rhys (The Edge of Love), Ron Rifkin (“Alias”), Emily VanCamp and Patricia Wettig (“Prison Break”).

Bonus Features
• Bloopers
• Deleted Scenes
• The Mothers of Brothers & Sisters — The cast of Brothers & Sisters discuss the amazing role mothers play in their lives.
• The Ojai Experience — This intriguing featurette takes viewers on a tour of a real-life family winery in Ojai, California with members of the Brothers & Sisters cast and offers a taste of the truth and the fiction behind running a family wine business.
• In-Between Scenes — A behind-the-scenes look at the on-set high jinks that kept the Brothers & Sisters ensemble on their toes—and laughing—during the shooting of Season Three.

The Walkers are everything anyone could ask from a family—and a few things no one would want. The Complete Third Season of this compelling one-hour drama continues to follow the sprawling California-based clan as they face the complications of contemporary American life. Passionately devoted mother Nora Walker (Sally Field), her grown children and their loved ones contend with romance, parenting, divorce, infidelity, addiction, war and even death.

STREET DATE: September 1, 2009
Suggested retail price: $59.99 US; $79.99 Canada
Feature run time: 1,032 Minutes
Rated: ‘TV-14-DLS’, PG (CAN)
Technical specifications may only apply to feature
Aspect ratio: 1.78.1
Sound: Dolloy Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Languages: English

Brothers and Sisters is one of those shows that I've been vaguely aware of for the past couple of years, but have only watched a few times. The show started a few years ago and in the first season the family was devestated by the death of the family patriarch, William Walker. Upon his death the family became aware of all his misdeeds--the affair, illegitimate daughter, and even embezzlement. Pretty good set-up for a dramatic series, right?

The series is about a family, their lives, their loves, and their family business Ojai Foods. My favorite character was Nora, played by Sally Field. I've loved Sally Field forever and she's really excellent in her role as the mother. Although I sometimes found some of the situations the characters found themselves in to be unrealistic (Justin and Rebecca getting engaged after arguing the whole season? Really?), the series overall was a heartwarming and sometimes painful look at what it means to be a family.

And as always, I loved the bloopers! Here's a fun clip:

I also appreciate that the DVD included a Season 1 and 2 recap. I like to be able to keep up, even when I haven't been watching the whole time.

I enjoyed the series overall, and will likely watch Season Four this fall.

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