Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marvel X-MEN Vol. 3 and 4


It really always amazes me when my kid's pick up on something I love. I don't know why...we share DND and sometimes a brain. Still, I was pretty stoked when the Boy Child saw these X-MEN DVD's and said, "AWWWW YEAH!" Granted, I wasn't a child when these came out. This was more my early-college-years-dating-slacker-avoiding-homework-viewing pleasure. And what a pleasure it was.

Released on September 15th, Volume 3 has 15 complete episodes including the 4 part "Dark Phoenix" saga during which the Dark Phoenix inhabits the body of Jean Grey and the two part Savage Land, Strange Heart.

Volume 4 has 14 complete episodes, including the 4 part "Beyond Good and Evil" (which is BEYOND AWESOME). And! "Have yourself a Morlock Little Christmas"! Crazy how I remember that one from when I saw it on Fox Kids years ago. Also, I love the cover art on Volume 4, don't you?

I'm so glad I got to share these DVD's with the Boy Child. Your son would probably like them too! So go on...relieve your childhood (or early adulthood, in my case)!

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