Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lemonade Mouth: Extended Edition

When five ragtag freshmen first meet in detention, it seems they have nothing in common. But, through music, they bond and find they have the makings of the greatest high school garage band in history! Disney invites audiences of all ages to turn up the music and have some fun with the highly-anticipated 2-Disc DVD + Digital Copy debut of Lemonade Mouth, the hit Disney Channel Original Movie.

I'm going to be totally honest. I really didn't expect to enjoy this movie at all.

See, I'm a mother of two young teenagers (as much as that pains me) and we have enough drama on a daily basis to make pretty much want to pull my hair out. The synopsis of this movie says "Lemonade Mouth is a resonant, music-filled movie about five teens who break through become the voice of their generation". I've listened to their generation. It's usually pretty whiny.

I'm a huge sucker for movies that are filled with music, and this movie is based on a book (I'm also a sucker for movies based on books), so I decided to give this movie a shot.

To continue being totally honest? I actually really liked the movie.

The basic plot is that a group of five kids come together, not just to become a musical group but also to stand up and be heard about various issues. They really connect with all the kids who feel like they aren't part of the popular crowd. Conflict arises with the rival band "Mudslide Crush", as both groups want to win the Rising Star music competition. Sounds like a lot of other movies, right?

What set this movie apart was the music. What a talented group of kids!

The DVD had some cool extras and my daughter (a Chorus geek by her own admission) loved the "Rock-A-Long" version of the movie. The lyrics would appear on screen so she could sing along. If you have an aspiring singer in your house I'm sure they will love it too! You might even find yourself singing along.

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